A Craftsmanship That Promises Quality, Precision, & Performance

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see “Made in Germany” printed on a product? Quality! Right? The label is regarded worldwide as a sign of high quality. Germany has a rich culture of craftsmanship. And the meticulous hand casting and spectacular carving speak volumes about its exceptional craftsmanship. German eyewear brands are no different. They follow the tradition and place a high emphasis on top quality, craftsmanship, and precision. Therefore, there is no doubt why Germany is considered the European powerhouse of contemporary craftsmanship.   


In 2003, Moritz Krüger co-founded the brand with three co-workers in Berlin. MYKITA, an award-winning brand, has a straightforward approach to its designs. Working with quality materials and focusing on the most appealing properties and USP of the material is how they define their design language. MYKITA Eyewear is handcrafted in Berlin and is mainly known for its unique screwless design. 

Modern, Minded, Muscle, Manufactory, & Madness is how the founder Krüger would like to describe the brand. MYKITA has launched several collections since the inception of the company. The first collection was launched in 2004, named Collection No.1.  

In this collection, the frames are made of stainless steel and feature a patented hingeless design. The tinted lenses from this collection have an anti-reflective coating on the reverse side, which provides end-to-end protection from UVA and UVB rays. 


MYKITA redefined the material innovation in the eyewear industry by introducing MYLON. A collection produced using 3D technology. MYLON, a material based on polyamide, offers a wide range of design options and guarantees zero wastage, lightweight, and extreme durability. In 2011, the manufacturing process for MYLON gained MYKITA recognition and obtained the iF Material Award

MYKITA and German fashion designer Bernhard Wilhelm collaborated in 2009. They came together to develop an eyewear collection, mirrored sunglasses model “Franz” from the collection were worn by actress Sarah Jessica Parker in the movie Sex and the City 2. And this is where it gained global media attention. 


IC! BERLIN is an independent award-winning eyewear brand founded in 1996 by Ralph Anderl in Berlin. They produce one of the world’s finest high-end designer eyewear. The quality of the material used in production defines the quality of the product. Therefore, the materials used by the company are of the highest quality, which includes stainless steel, titanium, synthetic and natural materials. 

Each of their eyewear pieces is handcrafted and built without the use of any screws in their frames. Hence, this contributes to making their product ultra-lightweight and flexible. 

IC! BERLIN collaborated with Mercedes-Benz and launched a capsule collection 2021 (Classic collection) consisting of five charismatic eyewear models. The designs of these exclusive sunglasses are based on Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG vehicles, and all are crafted in the IC! BERLIN manufactory. 

Dynamic shapes combined with puristic design bring out exquisite elements of both worlds. These sunglasses are made of stainless steel frames, high-performance ZEISS lenses, premium quality temple hinges, and soft silicone nose pads. 

The main attraction is “MB Shield”, a futuristic blue mono-lens shape that creates a sensual clarity and provides maximum effect using minimal materials. A wearer can achieve a wide variety of styles, from classic to elegant and from basic to sporty, says Martin Bremer, Head of Creation Corporate Design at Mercedes-Benz. 

This is Bloc, a Square-shaped frame from the Urban collection made of Rubber Hybrid. Like all ic! berlin frames, Bloc is 100% designed and manufactured in Berlin.


A brand that focuses more on research and experimentation that transcends all limits to create a unique product, which will only express aesthetics. Veronika Wildgruber, product designer and founder, describes her brand as simple and surprising. 

The brand reflects a strong inspiration from architecture, and the uniqueness of each of its eyewear products lies in its geometry and futuristic designs. 

Veronika Wildgruber launched her first collection in 2010, consisting of four hand-made frames in collaboration with the French designer Jacques Durand. The overwhelming response to the limited-edition frames immediately earned them the Silmo d`Or special Jury prize, which ultimately inspired her to launch her first series production in 2012. In 2017, she again won the Silmo d`Or for best Design Sunglasses. 

They work with the best materials, and each part of the frame is made in Europe, mainly by family-owned factories in Germany and Italy. Elements such as the twisted frame, two circles hung from a bar, or boldly inserted crossbars made in bold material combinations and delicate color tint transitions are their signature style.

Apart from offering premium quality eyewear, the young brand also guarantees sustainability. With a pair of these glasses, a wearer can feel strong, independent, distinctive, and even feel proud to own a pair of sunglasses from a brand that believes in a sustainable production process.