Impuri is a subculture-inspired Atelier that makes limited-edition eyewear by combining traditional mastery with performance materials. Our mission is to create a high-end product that inspires self-expression subliming spirit of independence, ethics, and style.​


Frames we are building are for those who dare to do things differently, for those who make their own rules, but above all is for those who know their value.  

Let’s take the less travelled road together 


At IMPURI everything we create is handmade and done in-house, from designing to tool making, from prototyping to quality control and packing. We are positioned on the opposite side of the mass production principles as our rare spectacles are released in numbered and limited series for each model. Entire process of making one single frame is made of about 65 steps and takes three weeks to complete.

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Customer service:
055Milano, Via Carlo Botta 8, 20135 Milano, Italy

Boze Dimitrijevica 89 12000 Pozarevac, Serbia