Our unique interpretation of eyewear starts with a basic clean silhouette that gradually becomes an impressive design piece. Every stage of the design process and development of the collection is supported by reflection on artisanal’s techniques that will be applied in making and fabrication. To ensure our production to be sustainable and environmentally safe we exploit 3d printing, sculpting, and innovative mold-making techniques.  Impuri Eyewear atelier is producing relentlessly bold frames that are supercharged with craftsman’s know-how thus resulting in radical and ultimately comfortable eyewear for lifelong use.


At IMPURI everything we create is handmade and done in-house, from designing to tool making, from prototyping to quality control and packing. We are positioned on the opposite side of the mass production principles as our rare spectacles are released in numbered and limited series for each model.

Entire process of making one single frame is made of about 65 steps and takes three weeks to complete. From raw material processing to finishing touches, the whole manufacturing process is executed by expert artisans.

The entire process is divided into 4 main phases with appropriate quality control checks in between various steps


  • The top secret “Impuri pasta” is prepared and hand layed into molds under a strict matrix system. It is than cured under precise pressure and temperature parameters.
  • After 30hr of curing the frames are inspected and manually sculpted and progressively elaborated until shape, dimensions, surface qualities, and technical preparation requirements are met
  • Temples are machined and formed 
  • Frames and Temples are decorated, polished, and completed with lens installation. 


Making a quality product is of the highest importance to us. We display this constantly in our manual production with accurate processes on every pair of spectacles. In doing so, we pay attention to every detail. Each pair of Impuri is manufactured in our atelier in Serbia by a highly experienced and meticulous team. Besides elaborated handwork techniques, we use state-of-the-art technologies for the process. 


We are making a great effort to avoid creating vaste that is typical for the eyewear industry. To do so, we have developed a hybrid of traditional jewellery-making techniques with industrial casting know-how. 

Every step in our production is led by the principle of creating no leftovers. We have achieved this by avoiding CNC milling blank sheets of material (that is main characteristic of acetate eyewear production.)
Since Day one we felt responsible to express ourselves by creating objects that are durable and repairable with a very limited negative impact on nature. 


Our style and design vision has urged us to find and develop the material that would allow us to produce tick and oversized frames that are light. Much lighter than acetate.
We produce our carbon composite material according to a top-secret recipe we have developed. This new material is optimized precisely for the eyewear application. Our recipe is designed to excel visual properties of Carbon Fiber and to inspire the wearer’s tactile senses for everyday use. After a lengthy period of research and development, we have defined raw material specifications and set in place technological parameters. The Carbon Fiber that we use is recycled from leftovers sourced from the aerospace and automotive industry. 

The properties of objects made from carbon fiber are close to that of steel and the weight is close to that of plastic. Thus the strength to weight ratio (as well as stiffness to weight ratio) of a carbon fiber frame is much higher than either steel or plastic.

A perfect combination of strength with minimal weight.

Temples are made of aircraft-grade Aluminium alloy. As a third most abundant element on earth is very light and if engineered properly can withstand repetitive stress. In combination with Carbon Fiber it’s frequently used in aerospace industry and sport car manufacturing.

As an ultimate touch of uniqueness of our spectacles we use natural Graphite as a main decorative element. Graphite is a unique material that under high pressure and temperatures it converts to diamond. It has unique visual effect and it has hypoallergenic properties just like Carbon Fiber and Aluminium.


  • Frame is made of Carbon Fiber
  • Temples are made of aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Hinge system is integral part of the frame
  • Flexible system is installed on the temples to ensure perfect amount of pressure on the head
  • To achieve comfortable wearing the center of gravity of the spectacles is set to be as far back as possible.
  • Frame is decorated with natural graphite
  • Production limited to 50 pieces
  • As a definitive sign of uniqueness a long line of graphite is added to the side of the temple
  • The inside of the temple is marked with serial number and model’s name.
  • Every frame comes with a certificate of uniqueness signed by a master craftsman and production number