A pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses is a statement in itself, a timeless piece not just limited to style but more about exceptional quality and functionality. From its military origins to becoming a fashion icon, it has made a stellar mark in the history of the eyewear industry. If you are a fashion lover, then you must have at least one pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. And if not? Then, your fashion accessory collection is incomplete. 

Ray-Ban is a legendary brand with a long and rich history associated with it. It has captivated global consumers with exceptional qualities such as practical, stylish, and functional, thus, making it the most iconic sunglasses brand in the world. Ray-Ban sunglasses come in a wide array of styles and color options and are sold in 130 countries across the globe. 

Ray-Ban Sunglasses – The Never-Ending Craze Among Celebs

There is no denying that Ray-Ban has a profound influence on popular culture and is in constant demand. At the same time, the never-ending craze among celebs has contributed to the increasing demand. But the interesting fact is that General Douglas MacArthur was the first to popularize the aviator. During World War II, General MacArthur, wearing Ray-Ban glasses, landed on a beach in the Philippines. When he landed, there were a few photojournalists who took his photos. And that’s where the iconic sunglasses got their first global exposure. Shades attracted the attention of the French army and immediately became famous among them.

Tom Cruise Re-boosted The Sales Of Ray-Ban Sunglasses

In 1983, Tom Cruise wore Ray-Ban Wayfarers, chunky black sunglasses (first introduced in 1952) in the comedy movie “Risky Business.” People went crazy and wanted to wear what Cruise was wearing in the film. Eventually, sales of Wayfarers re-boosted around 50 percent. 

In 1986, Cruise wore Ray-Ban Aviator classic 3025 with a gold frame and green lenses in the movie “Top Gun.” Once again, moviegoers wanted to emulate his look. And guess what? This time sales increased by 40 percent. In his upcoming movie “Top Gun 2,” which is scheduled to air on May 22, 2022, he is wearing the same model as in the original “Top Gun” (1986).  

Celebs Are Obsessed With The Iconic Sunglasses

In 2009, Bradley Cooper was seen wearing Ray-Ban Aviator 3025 (silver frame with red lens) in the comedy movie “The Hangover.” A hint of color elevated his whole personality and created a fun and classy look. 

The Duchess of Cambridge appears to be a fan of Ray-Ban’s Original Wayfarer Classic sunglasses. She was spotted in them not once but many times. Jennifer Aniston was photographed at an event wearing Ray-Ban Aviator Classic sunglasses. 

Constance Wu and Lily Aldridge were seen wearing Ray-Ban round sunglasses. Kate Hudson was also seen sporting the Clubround Classic RB4246 in black. The glasses uplifted her whole look.

Robert Pattinson, Brad Pitt, Beyonce, Justine Bieber, Kristen Stewart, Paris Hilton, and many more celebs were seen sporting Ray-Ban glasses numerous times. It simply shows how celebrities have contributed to keeping the brand popular over time.

Ray-Ban Has A Rich History That’s Older Than World War II 

It was founded in 1937 by the American company Bausch & Lomb. But the real story begins eight years earlier, in 1929. John A. McReady, a US Army Air Corps colonel, teamed up with Bausch and Lomb to design special sunglasses for pilots, taking into account the specific requirements of flying high in the clouds.  

They wanted to create a sunglass that would target three things in general, sunlight reduction, haze reduction, and impact resistance. And finally, after eight years of unbelievable hard work, they were able to develop the first Ray-Ban aviators with the three principles.