An eccentric artist and Jazz legend Miles Davis, has had a long and successful career spanning decades. Apart from his music, Miles Davis was also known for his exceptional range of statement shield sunglasses. The Prince of darkness is considered one of the most influential and innovative artists in the history of music. 

What Types Of Sunglasses Did Miles Davis Wear?

The outstanding technical and emotional brilliance of the trumpet played by Miles Davis made him one of the most stimulating influences in modern jazz. Apart from being a musician of genius, he was also known for his extravagant wardrobe and shield sunglasses. From Ray-Ban wayfarers in the ’50s to giant tinted disco spaceman glasses in 1973, Davis’ fashion sense did evolve significantly. 

Miles Davis has worn a wide range of sunglasses on stage throughout his long musical career. But sunglasses produced by Philippe Chevalier, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Porsche Designs are more popular among his fans.

Porche Designs & Ray-Ban Sunglasses

On August 25, 1991, Miles Davis wore a pair of vintage Porshe 5620s by Carreya frames on stage while performing at Hollywood Bowl. Who knew this would be his last performance on stage. He was seen on stage several times sporting a Porsche 5620. The Porche 5620s is an iconic frame that features a futuristic design. The lenses are perfectly bolted on with a series of screws running around the frame, which enhances its beauty and adds a classy and refined touch to it. Other celebrities that loved wearing Porsche 5620 include Yoko Ono and Kool Moe Dee. 

Among his extensive range of sunglasses, there is also a classic vintage Ray-Ban wings series, which blends the aviator with a shield lens. These frames have a strong classic feel and evoke a distinct sense of elegance. 

Vintage Style Philippe Chevalier, Jean Paul Gaultier, & Sebe Dakar Frames

The Vintage Philippe Chevalier in light tortoise oversize sunglasses was worn by Miles Davis during the ’60s. It has three variants; each has its distinct appearance. But one thing common to all the three variants was spotless medium brown mono lenses. 

The iconic vintage style of the ’80s from the Sebe Dakar brand was also worn by Miles Davis. It has leather accents on the nose bridge and mirrored gold lenses to provide protection from extreme sun exposure. Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier 581273 in a black and gold accents frame was worn by him during the ’90s. 

Most of the sunglasses he wore were with side protectors to ensure better concentration and to hide his expressions while playing. It certainly gave him an aesthetic look, but for him wearing sunglasses while playing was not limited to fashion only. It was also to avoid eye contact with racists. 

Miles Davis Estate Collaborates With Vinylize To Launch A New Collection

Miles Davis Estate and Vinylize came together and created Newport Limited Edition. The new series is a tribute to the pair originally worn by Miles Davis in 1958 at the Newport Jazz Festival. The sunglasses from the new series, made from recycled material, are limited to 500 pieces, and each Newport is serial numbered. 

The frames are available in two colors; black on black vinyl and crystal vinyl on Havana with black temples. Vinylize is the only eyewear brand that has re-imagined the frames worn by Miles Davis. The brand has worked closely with his estate to ensure that each frame reflects the beauty of his traditional style and expression. 

Miles Ahead: Don Cheadle Perfectly Nails The Retro Sunglasses Look Of Miles Davis 

His style was different from others; Miles Davis was a singular artist who could skillfully get away from wearing purple bell-bottoms, kipper ties, oversized, and hexagonal glasses. 

There should be a proper balance between his extravagant outfit and vintage-style shield glasses to create his look. No doubt, Don Cheadle perfectly nailed the retro sunglasses look of Miles Davis in the movie.