Cazal Sunglasses – A Vintage Style Created With High Spirit To Balance Elegance & Class

Cazal sunglasses are a status symbol for fashion lovers and have a long-lasting legacy that still has its roots in modern culture. The eighties and nineties saw some iconic fashion pieces popping up in the hip hop world, Cazal glasses being one of them. These iconic pairs of glasses are designed particularly for extravagant people who believe in high quality combined with elegance. Cazal sunglasses are deeply embedded in the hipster culture. And often, these glasses are linked with hip hop for their remarkable rich history.   

The Interesting History of Cazal Sunglasses

Cari Zalloni, Austrian chief designer & founder of Cazal Eyewear, whose passion for eyewear designs has influenced the eyewear industry since the 1980s. Zaloni created his brand Cazal eyewear and developed the first frame in 1979, but did not initially make it into the global mainstream. His early designs were stylish and filled with high-quality materials, but even then, he could not manage to bring in enough distributors.

It was in the early 1980s when things started to change, and the iconic 607s was picked up by a number of distributors across Europe. Darryl McDaniels of Run D.M.C wore them, and from here, they became iconic glasses. The style worn by him is known as “east coast” Cazals, oversized with a squared-off bottom. Despite the hefty price tag, the demand for Cazal sunglasses skyrocketed across America. 

Cari Zalloni, the founder and designer, gave the brand his name. The brand name “Cazal” was created as a combination of the first letters of his name – CAri ZALloni. Cazal has its own unique way of influencing eyewear design as it does not follow the mainstream, and that is what differentiates them from its competitors. 

A Legendary Sunglasses Particularly Known For Its Supreme Quality

Cazal sunglasses are not only attractive but also made from high-quality material. The use of premium quality materials like titanium and gold combined with lavish processing ensures maximum quality and impresses the world with top-notch designs. 

A pair of Cazal glasses is a pure combination of exquisite craftsmanship with multiple quality checks. Approximately 50 components of each pair go through under very close scrutiny. And nearly 70 production steps, which are continuously monitored by Cazal eyewear experts.

Cazal Sunglasses- Rooted In Modern Popular Culture & Long Association With Rappers & Hip-Hop Stars

Cazal sunglasses is a hip hop favorite and most iconic vintage style, which goes way beyond the usual & still inspiring fashion today. These legendary frames are popular among celebrities and can be seen in movies or music videos especially Hip Hop. Once stylist Groovey Lew said, “Cazals are straight hip-hop to me.”

In 1985, the group called Cazal Boys released a single called ‘Snatching Cazals’, to show the world how these expensive glasses had already become a cult. 

In 1990, Jay-Z was spotted wearing these glasses at an event. In 2006, both Jay-Z and Beyonce can be seen wearing Cazal 907s in their single “Upgrade U.”

Michael Jackson, seen sporting a Cazal 623 in his music video “Bad.” MC Hammer was wearing Cazal 858 in his music video “Can’t touch this.” 

Spike Lee famously styled Cazal 616 as the character Mars Blackmon in his film “She’s Gotta Have It.” Brittany Muffy wore Cazal 858 in the movie “Spoon”.

In recent years, stars like Brad Pitt, Kanye West, Will Smith, Lady Gaga, and many more have grabbed attention by wearing Cazal glasses. 

“They were sunglasses creations were not based on anything in particular and yet simply fitted the times,” says Cari Zalloni, 2010.