For me the only right way to think about Impuri team is that we are small bunch of pioneers. Naturaly our R&D efforts are alighned with that spirit… We are looking ways to add colours, but those colours needs to be in line with our aestetics. To me graphite is more than enough but some faces are ready for more.

The goal is not just to chose the color palette but also to develope right way to present that pigmentation. With different processing and finishing the colors can be much more expressive and apealing to the wearer.

Here are some of the directions we are going to now… LIQUID METAL !

R&D for a new colour of our next eyewear line

Not realy sure about this one but there is something that makes you not to stop looking at it.

R&D for the next line of our eyewear. METAL!

This is bure aluminum oxide over carbon fiber. It’s. not brushed but rather artisticaly abused