Spring/Summer 2023 Collection




To us, it matters to avoid excessive use of paper and cartons in all spheres of our operation. Dedication to our message led us to develop a box that will go well beyond its use as simple shipping packaging. We wanted to offer an object that will have a long life. Enclosure that is not just a mere protection for our spectacles but also a design piece in which collectors of Impuri can store their treasures. After many trials and errors we created unparalleled hard-case made entirely of denim. The denim we use in production is sourced locally (and is upcycled.) from secondhand shops.


At IMPURI everything we create is handmade and done in-house, from designing to tool making, from prototyping to quality control and packing. We are positioned on the opposite side of the mass production principles as our rare spectacles are released in numbered and limited series for each model. Entire process of making one single frame is made of about 65 steps and takes three weeks to complete.