Studies have predicted that 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is expected to revolutionize the eyewear industry. 3D printing has gradually changed the way how eyewear frames are designed and manufactured. The eyewear industry has embraced additive manufacturing due to its exceptional ability to create a unique product that can set itself apart from its competitors. 

What Drives The Manufactures To Adopt Additive Manufacturing In The Production Of Eyewear Frames? 

With 3D printing, the sky is the limit for your imagination. The manufacturer gets the opportunity to explore the unlimited possibilities of designs. This process has several key benefits; versatility is one of them, which allows a range of industries to adopt additive manufacturing. 

3D printing allows manufacturers to create complex designs while dramatically reducing material waste, cost, and production time. Apart from the eyewear industry, aerospace, medical, automotive, railways, and many other industries have already adopted additive manufacturing. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the 3D printed glass manufacturers who have adopted this technology to enhance their products and achieve a more efficient manufacturing process.


Munich-based young eyewear manufacturer KLENZE & BAUM (formerly known as VOYOU) has already set the standard high in 3D printing. “Aesthetics-driven without compromise and with a manic focus on functionality” is how the brand defines its design language. The brand uses 3D printing to create high-quality and lightweight glasses. 

The company mainly uses polyamide powder in its 3D printing process, which is a durable, flexible, and versatile material. According to its founder, Stefan, the material is about 30 percent lighter than acetate and a lot more flexible. Their frames have screwless hinges, which ultimately add a class of modernity.

One of the founders, Aurelian, was asked about the company’s offering in the customization segment. He replied, “In our serial collection, we offer two sizes in up to six colors. The hinge and lens colors can be adjusted according to customer preference. What’s more, we offer a custom frame that allows for controlling all key parameters: Width, temple length, inclination, nose width, and so on.” 


Impressio has been able to push the boundaries of technical limitations and create a product that is inspired by nature with its modern and unique designs and shapes. Impressio is a Luxembourg-based brand and was awarded for its iconic model FLOWER 01 frame at the Mondial de l’Optique de Paris in 2018. 

The flower frame design is created using mathematical algorithms, representing the curves of flower petals that wrap around the lens. This model clearly gives the impression of a flower; thus, the brand is inspired by nature. This beautiful masterpiece is a testament to the power of 3D technology. 

All their frames are made of Polyamide, which is then polished and tinted to make it smooth. The smooth appearance is close to the look of leather. The temples are die-cast in beta-titanium and assembled by hand. This process creates significantly light voluminous pieces that are stylish and superior in quality. 

Freedom of design, high material quality, customization, and manufacturing on-demand are the major benefits of implementing 3D printing in the production of eyewear frames.